Hi, my name is Komal.

I am a Calgary-based UX Designer and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Strategist with a background in business management, psychology, and computer sciences.

about me

As a UX Designer, I love to create smooth and memorable experiences that can benefit people universally.

Inclusive design is non-negotiable. I strive to provide people with the psychological safety to feel comfortable sharing what problems actually need to be solved by staying curious and listening to understand.


My Pride & Joy

Isometrically laid mobile app screens giving previews of the (a)Better app.
(a)Better App logo. Three-loop knot to signify interconnectedness in the shape of a lowercase letter 'a' and uppercase letter 'B' This is followed with the words, "(a)Better App". The typeface is Comfortaa and "(a)Better" is in a teal colour, and "app" is in black.


(a)Better boosts innovation and meaningful collaboration by enabling more equitable team meetings.

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Social Impact

Open laptop with silver based. The screen has a black border and displays a preview of the redesigned Kleos MFG website. The website has a white background, with black typography and green accent colours. You can see a small image of a video preview showing three Black women wearing colourful clothing and smiling.

UX Redesign, ux diploma

Website and donation experience redesign for Kleos MFG, with a sprinkle of a rebrand.

coming soon

The Hackathon Winner

1st place, ey hackathon '21

In 24 hours, Gather Town was created to attract new market segments in the live entertainment industry.

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