(a)Better app
Capstone Project, UX Design Diploma

(a)Better empowers your teams by removing barriers that inhibit meaningful collaboration.

While widespread efforts continue to be made towards more diverse and inclusive workplaces, research shows that many companies are failing to embrace sustainable change. (a)Better redefines workplace inclusion and belonging by enabling equitable meeting practices.

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The Future of Workplace Inclusion

As a UX Design Diploma Candidate at BrainStation, part of my learning experience included a capstone project to practice proposing, understanding and enhancing relationships between people and the products and services they use.

I was tasked with identifying, planning, researching, and designing a digital mobile solution that would address a problem space of my choosing to showcase the skills that I would learn throughout the program.

At the time of this project's proposal, I was nearing the end of a certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace. I was ready to apply some of this newfound knowledge.

Going into this project, I believed that tech companies experience a loss in innovation because they fail to create a safe and inclusive environment— a place where racialized employees feel welcome, valued, and respected.

Here, you will find the process I followed to develop a design intervention and the project's outcomes.




  • UX/UI Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • DEIB Strategist
10 weeks
April 2021-June 2021
  • Android Mobile App
  • Desktop Web App
  • Product Marketing

the process


find the right problem


find the right






  • Enough primary & secondary research to write a thesis
  • 1 x user interview guide
  • 3 x 1:1 user interviews
  • 2 x SME interviews
  • Countless ‘aha’-moments
  • 2 x proto-personas
  • 1 x primary persona
  • 1 x employee experience map
  • Competitor analysis of 30+ digital tools
  • 1 x value proposition canvas
  • 40+ user stories
  • 4 x epics
  • 1 x task flow diagram
  • 1 round x Crazy 8 sketches
  • 16 x exploratory sketches
  • 16 x wireframe sketches
  • 1 x interactive wireflow
  • 2 x low-fidelity interactive prototypes
  • 1.5 x high-fidelity prototypes
  • 1 x usability testing plan
  • 3 rounds x user testing
  • 3 x test session output documents
  • 1 x priority matrix
tools used
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Finding the Right Problem

the disillusion of inclusion

Coined in 1990, Patricia Pope defines the "Illusion of Inclusion" as a general tendency to confuse hiring people with proactively including them.

As the business case for a more diverse workforce and its impact on innovation has grown in recent years, so has the digital toolbox of solutions for hiring historically underrepresented workers. Yet, few solutions exist to retain those same employees.